Clinical Observership Program in Supportive and Palliative Care

The Department of Supportive Care Medicine (DSCM) is one of very few fully integrated, multidisciplinary teams working together to identify, assess and treat the multiple complex challenges that patients and families face throughout the continuum of cancer care

The Supportive Care Medicine team of approximately 120 professionals includes: pain and palliative medicine physicians and nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, spiritual care chaplains, child life specialists, patient navigators, health education specialists, cancer information resources nurses, positive image cosmetologists, a resources coordinator, a hospice liaison and more. In addition, we have the physical hub of supportive care: our world class Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center that provides a wide range of educational and support programs and services to patients, families and the community.

With our vision to be “the best program of supportive care services in the world”, the Department of Supportive Care Medicine has continued to lead the development of innovative, tailored patient- and family-centered programs that relate to:  geriatric oncology, gender strengths interventions (including a recognized couples program), advanced care planning, patient and family meetings, and both English- and Spanish-speaking Patient and Family Advisory councils. As a foundation for these innovative programs and for optimally triaging integrated biopsychosocial care, the department has created patient and family-friendly touchscreen technology in English, Spanish and Chinese that has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as the model screening program and has been licensed to other cancer centers across the United States.

Observership Program Overview

Who: Observerships are available to national and international visitors: physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, health educators, chaplains and other related specialties.

What is covered: Observership sessions offer opportunities for training, multidisciplinary faculty shadowing, and the COH on-campus experience.

Timeline: Length of observerships can vary from one day up to two weeks. Dates of the observership will be based upon availability.

How to apply:  Pending application for 2024

Important Information:
  • There is a $100.00 application processing fee required 60 days prior to observership.
  • The cost for the observership is $1,000.00* per person per continuous business week. Monday through Friday.
  • Visitors will be required to complete the institutional mandated health screening requirements, and other required documents 30 days prior to arrival.
  • Visitors are responsible their own travel and lodging. City of Hope has negotiated special rates for visitors to our campus at local hotels and motels. Please visit our Visitation Guide.

*Cost is based on the length of the observership.

For further information about supportive care clinical observerships at City of Hope, please contact the Supportive Care Training Program at