Treating Cancer Related Insomnia: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Benjamin Brewer, Psy.D.
 Time Frame
2 hours
2 units
 Intended Audience
physicians, nurses, social workers, healthcare professionals
 Course Description
Insomnia is the second most commonly reported symptom complaint of those in cancer treatment (behind fatigue). Behavioral treatments are the clear leader in treatment of this disease and effective intervention is essential to improve patient’s well-being, health and outcomes.
 Skills and Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to assess sleep and diagnose insomnia in a cancer population
  • Understand the root causes of insomnia and the behavioral rationale behind CBT‑I
  • Garner practice doing CBT‑I in a clinically relevant brief setting including implementation of:
    • Stimulus Control
    • Sleep Compression and Restriction
    • Cognitive approaches and dysfunctional beliefs about sleep
    • Discussions around medications related to sleep